A business built on ocean breezes and self empowerment

When I first launched my business through instagram in 2019, I have always been inspired by the place I get to call home. I was born and raised in the tiniest of tiniest towns, Wildwood Crest, NJ. People resort here usually during summer vacations. When I first went to college and introduced myself, heads turned and the question “people really live there?” was constantly asked. No matter where East Coast Jewels may go in life, I am certain to always be by the water.

Materials sourced with intention

All of our materials are sourced by hand and with intention. We believe in supporting local businesses and shopping small, so many of our gemstones, and Freshwater Pearls come from local East Coast artisans.

Crafted with love

Each and every jewel is hand crafted by Maddie, the artist behind East Coast Jewels. Spending hours perfecting one piece, each design is curated to fit your individuality in mind. No piece is the exact same, which I think resonates well with the message that every human is created with love and diversity.

Local Artisans

Here at East Coast, each jewel is giving back to other small business near and far. Constantly working towards sourcing products from local businesses, not only are we one oursself, we make an effort to support small in each jewel endeavor.


There’s something so special about women empowerment

It's essential to consider our worth, and turning what you enjoy into a full-fledged career is certainly a gift! After having no idea where I wanted to go in college, it was all about trial and error, and quite literally stumbling across a talent that I decided to pursue as a love. I honestly create jewelry that can be worn by everybody. When people find my pieces lovely and make them their own, it fascinates and inspires me. I enjoy seeing people wear my artwork, and I hope it makes them feel as beautiful as I hoped it would. 

I strive for my consumers to feel their best. People should be able to express themselves through the jewelry they choose to wear, in my opinion. I want people to know that they may approach me with any concept for a custom curated piece of jewelry. I want people to see themselves in their most beautiful light and embrace aspects of themselves that they have previously avoided.

I have spent the most of my adolescent and early adult years trying to please others. Wear the jewelry because it appeals to YOU. Be unique and embrace that! 

A Taste of the East Coast

East Coast Jewels specializes in custom curated pieces cherished forever. For women of all backgrounds, we promote leaning into your femininity and creating jewels for all backgrounds.